Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary

Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary is one of seven ranches that come together to form the Tsavo Conservancy in Taita-Taveta County,Kenya. It covers an area of 42,000 kilometers and forms a critical migratory corridor for wildlife between Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks.

we departed from Nairobi National Museum for Voi where we stopped to have lunch. Late afternoon we finally arrived at Rukinga, exhausted but excited for the adventure that lay ahead.

During the early morning game drive we spotted the Rothschild giraffe, gerenuk gazelles, hartebeests and many buffaloes. There are plenty of birds to be seen as well, the most common being the Jacksons Hornbill. Throughout the day we spotted them on the ground feeding on fruits. The secretary bird, Franco, Busturd, Mouse bird and the Snake Eagle were equally rewarding to see.

As we drove through the commiphora- acacia woodland, Oryx and Hartebeests escaped deeper into the bush at the sound of vehicles engine and our loud voices, leaving photographers present no chance to click the button.

The branches of the trees occasionally scraping the van, ensured no one stuck their heads out and the windows were half open.

It was exciting to hike Kizima Hill. Once atop the summit the view was exceedingly beautiful. It was evident Tsavo Conservancy was going a great job conserving the ecosystem.

Heading back to camp, we spotted elephants by a watering hole. It was lovely to watch but we soon took off as one of them begun in our direction with its ears raised up- a sign to back off.

Over supper we shared stories and bits of the day with what each one of us enjoyed the most.

The skies were clear & cloudless with almost zero light pollution. Great for avid stargazers like myself. True to that we saw our galaxy, (The Milky Way -in which everything we know exists), thousands of stars and four planets; Venus, Jupiter, Saturn & Mars.

There is a small research center that doubles up as a museum. On exhibit are the various animals and insects found in the region. There is also a map illustrating the terrain and surrounding hills. The research center also hosts scientists coming in to carry out field studies.



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